Evolution of Jeep Commercial

The latest Jeep commercial commemorates the iconic SUV with sweet animation. In honor of its 75th Anniversary, this Jeep commercial shows the how it has changed over the years. When our nation needed a general purpose vehicle in World War II, Jeep answered the call. Check out this clever commercial showing the animated progression of all the Jeep models we know and love.
Jeep has been very busy this year with record sales, special editions, celebrations, movie spots, and more. Sales of the popular SUVs have literally saved Fiat Chrysler from posting losses, as its other vehicle offerings have not performed as well. The Jeep lineup is seemingly immune to the industry-wide momentum loss. And it doesn't show signs of fading for the foreseeable future. Jeep 75th Special Edition
Jeep is as much a part of American history as it is a pop culture icon. No matter where you turn, Jeep has its hands in some of the most identifiable brands, events, and movies today. Not only that, it's managed to maintain its reputation as one of the best off road vehicles ever made. We love custom Jeeps and the adventures we can get into using them. And as long as there are modifications to made, trails to conquered, and news to report, we'll keep you posted here. What do you think of the new Jeep Commercial? Tell us in the comments!

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