Fab Fours ViCowl

The Vicowl is one Jeep that can make your Jeep stand out amongst the crowd. I mean, you don’t want to start adding stuff and end up with more bling than a Liberace piano, and you’re not looking to just tack on goodies like chrome curb feelers and front bumperettes. When adding something to you Jeep, you want to be different, but the accessory (hopefully) will have a purpose, be practical, but can blend in with your overall look and style. You’re looking for that “total package, almost looks factory” appeal. If you’re rocking a Jeep JK Wrangler, you want to check out the Fab Fours newest product, the Vicowl (part JK3020-1). From a practical stand point, you’re getting protection for your windshield. We mean like, 11-gauge steel protection. It covers not just the windshield frame, but the lower cowl area as well. The other practical aspect is it allows you to mount accessory lighting in the upper part above the windshield. This is particularly handy if you don’t want to drill holes in your roof for a light bar. It also mounts your lights below the roof line, so you won’t be ripping that light bar off the top of your Jeep with low hanging branches. The Vicowl protects the lights and surrounds them in steel. ViCowl-on-Jeep
Of course, Fab Fours isn’t going to make something that’s practical without adding a bit of styling to it. After all, you have to drive your Jeep and you want it to look good. So they’ve come up with an aggressive “Stealth F117” looking design that would make Frank Castle proud. To make sure it looks good offroad as well, and give you many years of use, the steel Vicowl has a 2-stage matte black powder coat over an epoxy primer. Now, the holes at the top (as cool as they are visually) are there for you to add accessory lighting. Fab Fours makes a steel insert for an optional 20-inch light bar (part JK3022-1). The plate allows the lights to be flush with the upper portion as an integral part. This adds extra protection so the lights won’t get caught on trail brush, debris, or low hanging obstacles. No one wants to damage their expensive LED lights. If you prefer individual lights, Fab Fours offers a steel plate which will allow you to mount four Cube lights (part JK3021-1). Both parts, for the light bar or Cube lights, feature a black finish so they blend right in and have the traditional  fit and finish of quality Fab Four parts.
If you’re going to add a light bar and lights to the top of your JK Wrangler, you may want to consider the Vicowl since it has better protection for your lights. Not to mention the way it protects the windshield frame and cowl. From the standpoint of it’s looks, it does give your Jeep JK an aggressive look. Some may question your choice of style, but when you’re the leader of the pack, there will always be cubs nipping at your heels. Step up to the Fab Fours Vicowl and get the all in one steel protection and lighting solution for your JK. And just in case, we carry various cube lighting solutions and 20-inch light bars. Tell us your thoughts about the ViCowl in the comments!

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