You hear about the turbo 4 cylinder Wrangler yet? We've known about the Wrangler's new diesel and hybrid options, but now FCA is looking into this 4-banger turbo engine. Codenamed "Hurricane" it's a throwback to the 4 cylinder engines used in CJs back in the 50s. This new engine will be a 2.0 liter twin scroll featuring turbocharging and direct fuel injection. And get this, 300 horsepower. Whoa.

Turbo Wrangler 4 Cylinder in the Making

Car and Driver blog convincing argues that the best option for the Wrangler is a diesel engine. It can handle the Wrangler's heavy tonnage and manage to crawl all over the earth likes it's supposed to do. Early responses to the 4 cylinder Wrangler are largely skeptical. Check out some of their comments below: 4-cylinder-wrangler-comment
Better fuel economy or no, Jeep enthusiasts don't really care about mileage when their Jeep is performing to their standards. While we can't see this being a very popular Wrangler (unless the turbo really comes through) it's possible the the 4 cylinder turbo will go into other vehicles. We see this being perfect for the Jeep Renegade in markets where smaller engines and fuel efficiency are at the helm of the decision-making process. What are your thoughts on the 4 banger turbo Wrangler? Tell us in the Facebook comments section!

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