Jeep helped FCA come out of May with a 1.1% increase in sales. This marks the 74th consecutive month of growth. Amazing! Although we've been reporting record sales for while  now, this comes in the midst of what seems to be a sales plateau. Other big names in auto didn't perform as well. We know that since gas sales have decreased, consumers have been opting for bigger vehicles like trucks and Jeeps. Now, Ford, Honda, Toyota, and others have posted sales declines. Much of FCA's success can be attributed to Jeep sales. Renegade sales increased by a whopping 146% along with an impressive 116% rise in sales of the Compass. With these two big factors, Jeep overall sales increased 14% last month. That makes the Jeep brand the only one to come out with gains. That's not to outshine its sister brands, Chrylser and Dodge, who have been moving a lot of:
  • Pacifica minivans
  • Town and Country minivans
  • Grand Caravans
Another reason FCA has performed well when others haven't are it's incentives. But those are for its vans. Congrats again to Jeep for holding FCA up on its shoulders for 74 months. Do you think Jeep can keep sales up in what appears to be a plateau for everyone else? Tell us in the comments! Share This Post! Follow Us! Read More: