According to the Detroit Free press, FCA - Jeep will be revealing an all new compact SUV model at the New York International Auto Show. The show event takes place near the end of March.

New Jeep Compact SUV at New York Auto Show

While the vehicle has been hinted at for a while (we know, Jeep Rumors, they're everywhere), now the public / media will get a chance to see the model up close and get some hands on time with the new ride. The show is in March, so we have to wait and see what Jeep brings to the table. It's widely believed the new SUV will eventually replace the Patriot and the Compass, and the FCA has hinted as much. This one SUV will replace both of the older models. So far, there's no word on what country will produce the new Jeep. FCA has manufacturing plants all over the world, so it could be anywhere. We think if North America is where Jeep hopes to sell the most of them, then the U.S., Mexico, or Canada? will make them. What is the new SUV called? The FCA hasn't said. What would you call it?