We already posted a recall alert this week! That didn't take long at all. This time around 07-10 JK Wranglers are being recalled for potentially faulty components in the steering wheel. These could keep the air bag from deploying in an accident.

Jeep Wrangler JK Recall

Of the 498,985 JKs being recalled, 392,464 are in the U.S. Other Jeeps this recall affects are:
  • 7,435 2011-2016 Right-Hand Wranglers (U.S. Special Duty)
  • 35,412 Wranglers in Canada
  • 8,529 Wranglers in Mexico
  • 62,580 outside of North America
This recall will:
  • Replace Clockspring Assemblies and Related Parts
  • Install New Steering Wheel Back Covers
  • Install New Steering-Column Shrouds
FCA discovered that prolonged exposure to dust and dirt can impact the clockspring and keep it from deploying the airbag. Jeepers who drive off-road or with the top or doors off should pay special attention. You can definitely be affected. The clockspring can be found in the steering wheel. It forms part of the circuit that helps control air bag function. If your air bag warning light comes on, you should call the customer care line: (800) 853-1403. We know you trail a lot, drive with the doors and top off, and all that, so please be safe out there. Is your Jeep afected by this Wrangler JK recall? Let us know in the comments!

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