We all know some parts, even for Jeeps, are made in China (and dozens of other countries around the world). We could go on for days about foreign trade agreements, tariff policies, import/export duties, and taxes. We have over two hundred years of laws that apply to these things since we first became a British colony and then America. That is a big box to shift through. So as it stands, products come from China. Always have, and probably, always will. However, we do carry many parts that are made here in America and made by American companies. Because the parts we sell are primarily for trucks and Jeeps, we probably carry more American parts than almost any other parts specialty company. There’s just something about Jeep parts made in America and putting them on a Jeep that is made here in the States. It is a win/win all around.

Feds Raid Chinese SEMA Booths

Recently at SEMA, here in 2016, United States Marshals had to seize parts from two Chinese company booths at the event. It has been reported that some of the products they had on display were accused of copyright infringement. Six other vendors were affected during the same day, and also had to dismantle and take down their booths. Parts manufacturers spend millions of dollars designing, fabricating, testing, and producing products that have their name and reputation behind them. It is important they protect their Customers from inferior copies. The reported Chinese parts in question were illegal duplication's of parts by OMIX-ADA, one of the largest Jeep parts manufacturers in the world. OMIX-ADA filed a suit in U.S. district court. Judge Gloria Navarro had written up a seizure order, and a preliminary injunction that allowed the U.S. Marshals to take appropriate measures at SEMA to protect the rights of OMIX-ADA. There will be a preliminary hearing with the Judge in November. Now, here’s the thing to understand. Lots of parts are made in China (and elsewhere). If a U.S. manufacturer comes up with a product here, they might have the product manufactured in China. However, that is not the same thing as China making or copying a similar part, or even making the part on their own illegally. The U.S. companies will have STRICT tolerances on HOW the product is made. If they say it has to be a particular grade steel or the part has to be created EXACT to a measurement of 0.125 inches, or without lead paints, then that is how the Chinese factory has to make it. Period. No sloppy measurements, no guesswork, no low-grade steel, no paints with lead in them. The U.S. company will have product control, and quality control, to make sure the part meets their specs. Why? Because their reputation is on the line, the reliability of their part is on the line and most importantly, the SAFETY of their Customers is on the line. When Chinese companies (and others) copy a quality product, and then copy it with low-grade materials, poor tolerances, electronics that may or may not last. That is not something a Customer wants on their Jeep. It also allows them to low ball the price on the parts while passing them off as a name brand, or high-quality piece. Parts manufacturers have to protect their parts, copyrights, and patents, etc. This ensures that unsafe, copied parts are not on the market and makes sure that you do not waste your money on low-grade attempts to imitate a product with inferior materials and manufacturing. When you get a part, such as from OMIX-ADA, you know you are getting a high-quality part. A part that has been designed to work right, fit right, and do what it is supposed too. Regardless of where it is made, it has been officially approved by them for manufacturing and has been made to their stringent tolerances. Don’t fall for the illegal cheap knockoff parts. They will probably fail, and you will end up replacing them with the name brand quality part. Stick with us at the Morris 4x4 Center. We carry all the name brands you want on your Jeep.