Starting with January, the hopes were high for the FCA. They continue to invest millions of dollars worldwide in new factories and make Jeep models in almost every continent on the planet. They have certainly covered all the bases.

Fiat Chrysler January Sales Plunge

Overall FCA sales dropped by around 11% so far this year. A trend that’s been going on for a couple of years. The Jeep brand (we like to think of this as their flagship brand) dropped 7% over the years. Some specific Jeep brands did better or worse than others. For instance, the Patriot has a sales drop of nearly 45%, and the Compass as much as 50%. These are the smaller compact Jeep models, which in certain areas, you would think they would be doing better. The reports do not break down the sales drop figures by country, so it is hard to nail down where the drops are occurring. The numbers only reflect the overall decreases in sales worldwide. Considering the FCA is a worldwide company, the lower sales figures get spread out over the entire globe. So while a Jeep model may sell great in one location, it might be dismal in another. It is a hard picture to paint. The Jeep brand itself sold 33,769 vehicles in January 2017. We do not see any doom and gloom in these reports when looked at from a long range perspective. Jeep is already planning on making the new Jeep Wrangler in 2018. They also plan on making the Jeep Wrangler Pickup truck. We expect both to be big sellers. Both vehicles are scheduled to be made in the U.S., with the FCA investing millions in new plant facilities and developing new technologies. Also, every dollar you save at the Jeep dealership is another dollar to put towards some great accessories from the Morris 4x4 Center.