While we like to keep you abreast of recalls and FCA information about issues, sometimes those spots of news can be traumatic and not always just a future concern. According to reports, the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) was denied an appeal of a $40 million award to a family who lost their child in an accident which caused a fire. The vehicle was a 2012 Grand Cherokee.

Fiat Chrysler Loses Appeal in Grand Cherokee Fire Case

The appeal is in reference to a court settlement from last year when $150 million was awarded to the parents of Remington Walden, who was only four years old at the time of his death. The FCA appeal was to reduce the amount to $40 million. The Grand Cherokee was hit from behind by a pickup truck driver; this caused the vehicle to burst into flames because the gas tank on 2012 Grand Cherokees is mounted behind the rear axle. The FCA will consider another appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court. Fiat Chrysler reports the Grand Cherokee’s fuel system meets Federal safety standards as issued by the government. It should not pose a security risk to owners. However, reports on the matter say that around 75 people have died in accidents from fires after a vehicle was struck. Specifically, Jeeps with the rear mounted fuel tank configuration. (as a note, other automotive manufacturers mount gas tanks behind the rear axle too. Jeep is not the only one). The reports and problems caused a recall of nearly 1.56 million Libertys and Grand Cherokees. The recalls were for Jeep dealerships to modify/ install trailer hitches that could protect a fuel tank in a low-speed accident. The FCA even offered $1,000 gift cards as an incentive to get consumers to bring their Jeeps in for inspection or modification. (and as an alternative, owners could trade in their Grand Cherokees for another FCA vehicle and receive an $ 1,000 incentive). If you do have a recall on your Jeep, for safety, it is always important to follow up and take your vehicle to a dealership and have the recall done.