Where there's smoke, there's fire ... and maybe a Jeep Grand Cherokee. We've covered some recalls before, but with a fire, there's no Jeep recall that can be taken care of fast enough. Reports say that the recalls are for Grand Cherokees made in 2011-2012. This is actually a .... wait for it ... a recall follow up ... of a previous recall!

Recall for Jeep Grand Cherokees Fire Issues

That's right! Owners who brought their Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a previous recall, and had the upgrade / repair done. may now have to go back, and have that recall work checked and done again. Man, I'm thinking this is a good time to get a lawn chair and some popcorn to watch those Jeep owners show up at the dealership for a second time ...! The original recall appears to have been for a possible electrical issue in the vanity mirror, which could cause a short, and possibly catch the headliner on fire. However ..... Part of the original repairs called for taping the wires a certain way. It appears that in some cases, the wires may have been threaded incorrectly the first time, and can still lead to a short. The second recall allows Chrysler-Fiat to inspect the wires and make an updated repair procedure if needed. (and the recall only applies to models with a specific vanity mirror). Fire is a serious issue. If you have one of these vehicles, it's important you're aware of these recalls. Note that Dodge SUVs have a similar recall, if you have one of those in your stable. With that said, and not to be outdone, the 2015+ Jeep Compass and Patriots (nearly 60,000 of them) have their own recalls. Steering hose clamps may be positioned incorrectly and can lead to a loss of power steering fluid. (thus, it the fluid leaks out, you won't have any power steering). If the fluid touches something hot, that could also, possibly, cause a fire. Every car company has recalls. But Jeep just can't catch a break.