Self-driving minivans are going to be a thing. It's finally the future! FCA Boss Sergio Marchionne has been flirting with the idea of teaming up with Apple or Google to pool knowledge and resources. Just yesterday, Fiat and Google announced that they will be joining forces to make a fleet of 100 self-driving minivans. If things go well, it's only a matter of time before Arnold Schwarzenegger travels back in time to save young Jon Connor and all of humanity. In the meantime, Google has reported that this is the first time it's worked directly with a vehicle manufacturer to incorporate its self-driving technology and sensors.

Fiat and Google Team Up for the Future

The vehicle they chose to outfit Google's technology with is none other than the Chrysler Pacifica. While the deal doesn't restrict either company from working with others, both come out on top. Fiat Chrysler get more knowledge while Google gets to hone its technology. In the end the industry gets a step closer to incorporating self-driving technology into production vehicles. We can see several benefits of these vehicles, but we don't see a lot of 4x4 Jeep drivers getting too excited. For one, most Jeep drivers like driving. Second, not only do Wrangler drivers like driving, they like trailing, and rock crawling. There are certain skills needed for these activities that no self-driving minivan could achieve. That said, we still think the cooperative effort is cool, and can lead to some great advancements in technology, and hopefully safety. Thanks to Reuters for the original post. What do you think of the project? Tell us in the comments! Follow Us! Read More: