Morris 4x4 Center now features Firestik antennas. While the cell phones of today have replaced many older types of communication, it's not always the best option. Namely, if you drive a Jeep, often you will find yourself far away from any tower. Miles from any civilization. You know, bear country. This makes other means of communication like CB (Citizen Band) radios popular. They transmit on an AM frequency (you get 40 channels), and a license isn't required for average use. They don't require a cell tower or satellite to work, though the range can be somewhat local, depending on where you are (in theory, a CB transmission could bounce off the ionosphere and travel around the world). Having the CB radio is great, but one part overlooked is the antenna. Most new CBs include an antenna, but let's be fair - it's probably very generic, and not very powerful.

Firestik Antennas Now at Morris 4x4 Center

Firestik antennas are the answer to getting the most out of your CB. Since 1975, they've been making antennas here in the U.S.A. They use a custom blended fiberglass reinforced shaft. They're wound with heavy insulated copper wire, which helps prevent oxidation (what you often find  on cheap antennas). The Firestik antennas are covered with a static reducing, water tight sleeve. Firestik-Antennas
Firestik antennas also feature a hi-performance loading coil, that maximizes the transmit/receive functions of your CB. These top-loaded antennas will also receive the NOAA emergency weather alert and national weather broadcasts (for radios with those features). Obviously these are somewhat universal, so you can get one for your favorite Jeep or Truck. A few different colors are available, and a couple of different lengths (4-foot and 5-foot are the popular ones). As with any good transmission antenna , these should be "tuned" to match your CB's SWR (Standing Wave Ratio). This is (in technical terms) a way to measure impedance matching of loads to the characteristic impedance of a transmission line or waveguide. Whew! Luckily, the Firestiks are adjustable, so you can adjust your new antenna to get the most out of your CB Radio when transmitting and take advantage of all its power and range. If you don't already have one, portable SWR meters are relatively small and inexpensive. They have connections at each end, a small meter, and test the SWR/frequency and/or wattage power. Once you're all tuned up, you're ready for the outdoors and trails. You've got a top quality antenna you can depend, on, it can take some off road punishment if needed, and it's a practical accessory for your Jeep or truck. You can't go wrong with a Firestik!

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