Getting a Grip with the All New GraBars for Jeeps!

Getting in and out of a Jeep is a common issue, whether it's stock or lifted. No top? No doors? There's probably not much to grab onto in a hurry. Or hold onto when trailing, rock crawling, or hitting the beach dunes. Sounds like you might need to hook your Jeep up with these all new GraBars from Morris 4x4 Center ! First of all, don't panic and drag out the TIG welder, or call over your trail buddies to help you out. These GraBars are a bolt on part. If you can handle a ratchet, socket and  vise-grips,  congratulations, you've just become a Jeep mechanic. These install in existing holes, so there's no need to drill holes in your beautiful Jeep. Front GraBars Black Steel with Black Rubber Grips
These new GraBars are made from 3/4 inch SOLID steel. Not tubing, rubber, plastic, velcro, or poly-whatever. These babies are made to be tough and last a lifetime. They give you a solid grip you can depend on. Guess what. These GraBars are made right here in the USA!  Sorry China, GraBars is keeping Americans working and making a great product as well. GraBars has also powder coated the grab bars and they're UV protected. Included are dual layer Black rubber grips to make the grabbing more comfortable for your hand when getting in and out of your Jeep, or when you're holding on tight when trailing. The GraBars themselves are available in a Black Steel look, with color options on the rubber grips to accent and match your Jeep and style. GraBars Rubber Grips
Grabars are available for: GraBars have you covered with these all new products, and already they are becoming a fast seller. With the solid steel composition, and Dual Layer Rubber Grips, you can't go wrong. Not only are you adding something that's very useful, and can even make the ride safer for you and your passengers, they look great too! Get hooked up with these GraBars today! At the Morris 4x4 Center! See ya on the trails!