jeep seats from morris 4x4 central           Nothing says "old Jeep" like torn or worn out upholstery. We know a roll of duct tape goes a long way, but there's a better solution. There're quite a few choices for getting those beaten down seats in top flight condition. We like to think we carry one of the widest selections of interior Jeep parts to help get the inside of you Jeep looking just as good as the outside. Best of all, the seat products we carry are specifically listed  for your model Jeep. We offer different styles, colors, and materials. We carry stock style seats, off-road seats, and racing style seats. A good seat is important for comfort, especially if you do some highway driving, and you're sitting in the same position for a long time. But its also important off road, where the trail's rugged terrain and bumps are going to be transmitted right to you through your seat. It's not just about the outer upholstery either. The inside of a seat is made up of many parts. A couple of the most important ones are the springs and foam materials. Brands such as our Bestop Pro Fabric Trailmax II seats, contain Variable Rate Resistance springs for comfort on the road and support on the trail. They also contain quality high density closed cell foam, which minimizes fatigue and maintains the seat shape. Unlike a "cheap car seat", these seats are durable, with premium vinyl fabrics to help maintain their shape in any temperature, and are mildew resistant (have you ever looked underneath your seat? Anything living under there? Mold? Mildew? A couple of Wombats? Might be time to change them!). These are all very important points. Jeep interiors are meant to get wet, muddy, dirty, and who knows what else. After all, if you don't get your Jeep dirty or muddy once in a while, you're probably doing it wrong. You need to use a seat that was specifically designed to hold up to these conditions. Using the wrong seats, and not getting the proper seat from Morris 4x4 Center, can cost you money and time, because they won't hold up. We carry the best brands of Jeep seats for our Customers such as : With top brands like that, there's really no reason to compromise. You have to sit on those seats every time you drive your favorite Jeep, so why not get something that's comfortable and made to last from Morris 4x4 Center? We also carry Jeep seat accessories to go with your new seats. Such as:
  • Jeep Seat Mounting Brackets
  • Jeep Seat Risers
  • Jeep Seat Adapters
  Another important thing we carry is Jeep seat belts. Because in a Jeep, you're exposed to the outside all around you while you're driving. If you're offroading, it's a very important piece of your safety gear. Morris 4x4 Center carries stock replacement seat belts, but we also carry safety harness belts. So no matter what kind of driving you're doing, you can stay firmly in your seat (and that's not easy when you're off road!). Stay buckled in and stay safe. A few other items you may be interested in here is our seat accessories, even if you have new seats already. Great items such as:     As you can see, when it comes to seats for Jeeps, Morris 4x4 Center has you what you need. We have the products and choices so there's no compromise, and you can get exactly what you need, at the right price, all in one place. See you on the trails!