Getting the Body You've Always Wanted...Body Tub That Is

All of our Jeeps hold value to us. Some are valued, more than others. Older Jeep CJ’s are held onto like trophies than stands the test of time and continue to serve a purpose.  Like many I have looked into replacing the body due to harsh abuse and some cancerous rust that is beyond saving.  When looking into different options for body tubs I was amazed at the options and manufactures out there making quality aftermarket body tubs. Here are some options with Pros and Cons to help you find the right body tub for yourselves.

Omix Steel Body Tubs

Omix offers a 18 gauge steel used on body tubs in the front and rear flooring, all mounting brackets, top cowl assembly, and wheel housings. 16 gauge steel used on body tubs for all side and tail panels. They are sold under licensed agreement with Chrysler. Manufactured using a seven-step metal preparation process, new primer formula and application method that is designed for smooth and even finish. The cowls on later models are stamped for the factory heater intake. The bodies are E-coated, which means they are electrically charged and dipped. This process results in better rust resistance than any stock CJ tub. Rugged Ridge also offers bodies for short-wheelbase Jeeps built from 1942-1986. The company also does body panels for YJ and TJ, hoods, fenders, logoed tailgates, grilles, windshield frames, and doors.

  • Steel is every easy to weld
  • Easy roll bar mounting
  • Looks exactly like stock tub
  • Can rust if not painted and coated correctly

Aqualu Aluminum Body Tubs

Aqualu offers the only aluminum Jeep bodies. All Aqualu bodies are 0.156-inch-thick which is about three times thicker than steel. It is stronger and much lighter than steel. The body mounting pads are a 3/16-inch-thick 6061 T-6 extrusion and the tub attaches using through-bolt style mounting. The company has body tubs for the CJ2A, CJ3A, CJ3B, CJ5, CJ7, and CJ8. All factory components can be bolted back in, but you will have drill holes (yes, the fire wall is all one solid piece of aluminum). Factory components such as doors, windshield, roll bar, and so on can be installed back onto the Jeep. Aqualu bodies do not include any nut-inserts so when it comes to mounting components you will use the nut and bolt method. We recommend the use of stainless steel hardware when it comes to fastening parts to the body.

  • Lighter and stronger than steel
  • No issues hooking up electronics
  • Will not rust
  • Have make your own firewall holes
  • Body parts are not exact to factory
  • Factory door latch may not work with hard door latches

Fiberglass Kentrol Body Tubs

Kentrol offers Jeep body tubs for short-wheelbase 1955-2006. Kentrol provides steel plates for body mounts, door hinges, hood hinges, steering column, and the pedal mounts. The steel is 12-gauge thick in the firewall and 1/4-inch-thick for body mounts, tailgate, hood, and door hinges. There aren’t any steel reinforcements for the seats. Kentrol recommends 2x2-inch by 1/8-inch-thick steel plate or 21/2-inch diameter fender washers. There isn’t any steel where the roll bar mounts to the tub. They do offer frame tie-in kits.  The fiberglass construction is 100 lbs lighter than steel tubs. There are no holes in the cowl for the heater. Kentrol offers windshield frames, one-piece front ends, cowl-induction hoods, hoods, scoop hoods, tailgates, fenders, and grilles.

  • Will not rust
  • Easy to paint
  • Easy to fix when damaged
  • Fiberglass doesn’t ground.
  • Harder surface to prep for paint
  • Will damage easier than metal

You can find all these great products and different style of body tubs on So give us a call and let’s get your Jeep restoration started today!