Good Samaritans saved two people and a dog from a burning Jeep after it crashed. On Saturday, April 9, at around 11:00 p.m. in Banks, Oregon, Derek Kolstad and Deputy Todd Hanlon jumped into action when they saw a Jeep Cherokee crash and burn. The two saved a young man, woman, and dog as the fire grew rapidly in the space of a minute. Have a look at the news report below.  

Couple and Dog Saved from Burning Jeep

The crash occurred near the intersection with Highway 6. The Jeep was reported to have gone airborne over a drainage ditch, hit, and caught fire. The crash injured the two people, leaving the man in the driver seat stuck, and the woman flung and in the fetal position in the back. The dog, pictured below, was standing over the woman when Mr. Kolstad opened the back door. saved-dog Off-duty Deputy Todd Hanlon, pictured with the dog, pulled Jordan Moore (driver) out of the driver seat as flames grew all around. There was so much smoke billowing that the officer had to step back for fresh air before trying again to save the driver. Mr. Kolstad says he believes he was able to help the people in the crash due to divine intervention. Judging from some of the images in the video, we're glad that he and officer Hanlon were nearby to save them. burning-jeep-4x4-emblem We're happy to report that both passengers are expected to recover fully, and that the cute little dog is well and being taken care of by family. If you've been thinking about amping up your own safety, check out our fire extinguisher holders and Jeep tools and safety gear. Follow Morris 4x4 Center: Read More: