With the 2018 Wranglers going into production soon you'd think Jeep would have stopped producing the old ones. But that's not the case. In fact, Jeep will be increasing its Wrangler production at the Toledo, OH plant as the new models are released. Many of those Jeeps coming out will be older (current) Wranglers. Reports tell us that the new and old Jeep Wrangler will be produced side by side for about six months.

Old and New Wranglers in Production Together

While we might consider it an odd practice, other big names in the industry have done it too. Nissan, Infiniti, and Chevy have all produced old/new models side by side. And it's common practice to shift things around as a vehicle's production comes to an end. Jeep sales are at their best ever, and Mike Manley says there is an unmet Wrangler demand globally. So it makes sense to keep cranking out the darling of the 4x4 community. Especially since speculations suggest that Wranglers won't be produced in their India plant, despite Jeep's entry into the the Chinese, Brazilian, and Italian markets recently.

[FCA Sees Jeep Expanding to Indian Market]

  The new Wranglers will be introduced about half way through 2017 while the old Wranglers will continue to be produced through March 2018. We can't be sure if the old Wranglers will be sold in the US market, but Manley's comments imply that they may not be. We've seen the Crew Chief and have confirmed the Wrangler truck too, so this new wave of Jeeps can't come soon enough! What are your thoughts on the Wrangler's global demand? Tell us in the comments!

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