In an attempt to make the already luxurious Jeep model fancier, the new Grand Cherokee Summit combines every premium offering FCA has under one roof. Take a look at some sweet pics of it here.

New York Auto Show - Grand Cherokee Summit

The 2016 New York Auto Show has a lot going on and this week we'll be getting a glimpse of all that Jeep has to offer. The new Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit is breaking onto the scene with a bevy of bells and whistles. In an attempt to compete with more expensive SUVs like the Range Rover, this iteration of the already luxurious Jeep pulls out all the stops. The Summit's exterior will boast:
  • New front grille
  • LED fog lamps
  • An updated front bumper
  • 20" rims
  • Chrome trim
While the interior will feature:
  • Premium leather with dark piping and custom stiching
  • Leather-trimmed dashboard and center console
  • Active safety electronic system
It looks like it will come with the UConnect system, possibly with Apple Carplay. And I wonder if they've worked out those issues with their electronic shifters. It's no secret that the Grand Cherokee has always been a premium version of the Cherokee, but with the latest Trailhawk edition and past few years' releases of the model, it appears as though the Cherokee is becoming the premium version of itself. Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Summit-Interior Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Summit-logo Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Summit-exterior Some Jeep loyalists dislike the treatment of the once rough-and-tumble Cherokee, while others argue it brings a broader appeal to include a larger audience. You can find out a lot more about the New Grand Cherokee Summit today, as Jeep unveils all of their new products this afternoon. Don't forget to watch it online, here. Share your thoughts about the New Grand Cherokee Summit with us in the Comments! Read More: