Grand Cherokee SRT Races a Plane Because Jeep

In a recent show of strength and bravado, The Grand Cherokee SRT was pit against a Silence SA1100. The plane is a single-seater stunt plane boasting lightweight composition and exceptional maneuverability. The SRT is an SRT. You know, 6.4L V8 Hemi power. Jeep UK held the event at Blyton Park Driving Park. The park is well respected and known for its driving experiences and motorsports events. The SRT and its temporary rival took each other on in a twisty two-lap race for the ages. The reason? Because Jeep!
The SRT got a bit of a head start on the plane, as the race commenced from a stand-still. Quite a spectacle to watch, and fun too. In the end, the SRT came out on top (not much of a surprise considering the video was produced by Jeep). Just another accolade of the SRT we've been seeing a lot of lately. While you don't see many of the luxurious SUVs on the trail, it looks like these have carved a comfy little spot out for themselves on the the strip. What did you think of the race? Tell us in the comments!

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