Say hello to the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. It's the hellcat powered Grand Cherokee confirmed for 2017.

Expect the Trackhawk Summer of 2017

Mike Manley has been busy over the last couple of weeks discussing all of the vehicles and changes we can be expecting from Jeep in the coming months and years. From the highly anticipated Wrangler pickup to the newest Grand Cherokee trims, the Jeep brand is keeping its fans on their toes. Reports from relay that the Trackhawk will not replace the existing Grand Cherokee SRT, but rather sit above it in the Grand Cherokee trim lineup. We've been stipulating about this  for a while now. Remember when we saw it during a test run? No? See below. The Trackhawk's engine will likely have 707hp, much like the upcoming Wrangler Trailcat. More on the Wrangler in another post, coming soon.
Considering that the Trailcat will be the ultimate off-road trailing Jeep, we expect the new Trackhawk to be Jeep's premium performance offering, so 707hp would be an attractive trait coming with the new Grand Cherokee. Especially since the existing Grand Cherokee SRT has 475hp. We look forward to seeing more on the upcoming Grand Cherokee and will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can always outfit and customize your Grand Cherokee with any number of Morris 4x4 Center's aftermarket parts and accessories.

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