The FCA has issued a wiring harness recall for Grand Cherokee models in the US. Approximately 33,000 Grand Cherokees are being recalled due to a wiring harness terminal that can lose its electrical connection.

Be Advised: Wiring Harness Recall in Effect

The wiring harness problem may cause the vehicle's shifter to stay locked in park or neutral once the Grand Cherokee has come to a stop. FCA suggests that drivers use their emergency brakes when departing the vehicle. This is a proactive measure to keep the vehicle from rolling away and causing/incurring damage. This appears to be closely related to the gear shifter recall we covered recently. Hopefully Jeep gets this problem under control very soon in order to keep people safe and secure in their Jeeps. You can call the FCA Customer Care Center with questions at 1-800-853-1403. Have you experienced trouble with your Grand Cherokee shifter?

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