Sometimes, despite everything going wrong around you , about all you can really do is just laugh about it  .... and sometimes  ... sing about it. Jeep breakdowns no laughing matter We all know owning a vehicle can be frustrating at times, especially if it has an uncanny ability to constantly break down. At which point, your favorite vehicle, the one you paid hard earned cash for, just turned into a lame duck. With Jeep being an international worldwide brand, it goes without saying that as a group, Jeep owners all over can feel the pain when a Jeep has issues. Like, big issues, Over and over. At which case, you're down for the count.

Youtube Jeep rap song entertaining

One such Jeep owner took to Youtube to plead his case, about his 2013 Grand Cherokee. Having the vehicle break down and towed a few times, his faith in driving and transporting his family has gone down to basically nil. Rather than just talk or rant his side of the story online, Teg Sethi, from Australia, decided a more entertaining approach was in order, bringing a sense of humor to a very serious complaint. What better way than create and video a song about his busted ride? It has some funny moments, and may lessen the pain for anyone with a similar situation. Sometimes all you can do is just stand back and laugh at the absurdness of everyday life.