Handy Bush Winch

We're always looking for something new. The Bush winch is a lightweight, self-recovery wheel winch system. It connects to your Jeep's front or rear wheels and anchor points. It connects by hand without the need for tools for quick recovery operations. It's cost effective and intuitive to use. It's developed in Western Australia and made for the harsh terrain Australia is known for. Check it out below.
  We like to feature all sorts of Jeep recovery gear and aftermarket accessories. That being said, we know that not every tool is for every person. Some people out there swear by their winch. Others feel as though the Bush winch is a great piece of equipment that gets the job done efficiently. We encourage safety and experimentation. If you don't already belong to a Jeep forum, which would be a good idea if you need tips and tricks, you can see what some others have said here: While the comments seem to be mostly negative, the vast majority on these small samples show that no one has really used the winch in question. They're just opinions and speculation. We know that when it comes to your rig, researching and making informed decisions to get the right part is important. We're glad to be of help along the way. If you're interested in learning more about the Bush winch, how to use it, and more, visit www.bushwinch.com.au. Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: