Happy Memorial Day 2016

Once again, we want to thank the people past and present who have served our great country. We are so grateful for those who have given their all in service of our country. Please enjoy these images of the service vehicle that turned civilian. wwii-jeep jeep-history-track How about this one? This illustration was found at the  Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Oregon.  It was created by an artist named Yasuo Ohtsuka. It's fun to follow the Jeep on it's journey through time up to that point.   magnificent fool
This beautiful painting was done by James M. Sessions. Thanks to This Old Jeep for keeping such a great library of historical Jeep images like this one. PygmyTop 1945-01-26-rocket-launch-jeep1-650x503
I've seen some pictures of Jeeps with turrets attached. But I've never seen one the likes of this. Those rockets would light up the night brighter than any Independence Day block party. 1944-09-08-sniper-bullet-window1-650x598
We acknowledge that several of these images came from www.ewillys.com. We've got to admit that their collection of classic Jeep images is unparalleled. The pictures on that site capture so much more than words can explain. Take that last one for example. Such an incredible story is being told here. It's no exaggeration when you hear Jeep is part of American history. As always, check out our discounts for those of you in service.

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