Today we're sharing a video on how to install a Jeep bumper and winch. This aftermarket Jeep JK bumper set comes from Bestop. That's right, the front bumper is the HighRock 4x4 High Access model, and the winch is "The Ferrari" of winches, the Warn Zeon 10s Platinum. Needless to say these are some serious off road pieces of equipment. The front bumper alone took him a lot longer than he expected (5 hours, but that includes winch installation and videotaping), but was well worth the time investment. Even if you've installed your own winch and bumper before, this video is a fun watch, especially after seeing the finished product. Thanks to the good people at the Fast Lane Car Youtube channel for this great tutorial.

What to Expect from the Bumper and Winch Install

As you can see from the video the host talks about a few hiccups and things to expect as you do an install like this on your own. First of all, if you plan on doing both the winch and bumper, you'll want to install the winch before putting the bumper onto the front side of the Jeep. You'll avoid having to take the entire bumper back off. Second, removing the stock bumper may require an extension on your ratchet to get into the right position to get some of the bolts off. Third, removing the fog lights from the front stock bumper may be a little tricky. Make sure you listen to his explanation to avoid some of the snags he encountered. Fourth, the bumper/winch combination adds around 80-100lbs. to the front end of the vehicle. You'll need to plan for adding a couple 3/4" coil spacers to compensate for the resulting droop. This means you're going to need a couple of sturdy lift jacks to to get under the vehicle. The rear bumper is pretty straight forward and doens't take nearly as much time or effort as the front when you're adding a winch to it. What did you think about the mounting process? ARe there any tips you'd give to someone doing this for the first time? Tell us in comments!

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