It's been sad knowing you can't lift the KL Cherokee. Until now... If there's one thing everybody knows about a Jeep owner, it's that leaving your Jeep stock just ain't going to happen. I mean, life's too short to drive a bone stock Jeep right? Well, one KL Cherokee owner got tired of waiting for the aftermarket companies to come out with some kind of lift kit for his Jeep. So he decided to make his own. There's plenty of room for improvement on the Cherokees. Even the higher end Trailrated Trailhawk only gives you a 1-inch lift over a stock Cherokee. Not exactly the clearance Jeep fans were hoping for to hit the trails hard.

KL Cherokee Gets a Homemade Lift

It couldn't have be easy to come up with the lift mods since the modern Cherokee rides on a uni-body platform. It doesn't have a ladder frame on which to build on, and no solid axles. So you've got to look at how other similar vehicles have been modified in the past. It's not really an issue on a Jeep though, since several models have unibody construction in today's world. The parts list seems to be short and sweet, and economical. Dropping down the front steering knuckles (spindles) nets around 0.75 inches (we're guessing the stock knuckles), and raising the rear suspension was accomplished with coil spring spacers, something almost all Jeep owners are familiar with. Once you've accomplished this work, you end up with around a 1.25 lift. While it's not the type lift you need for rock climbing, it's better than stock. It will also allow you to run a larger rim and tire. Which, when combined with the modifications, can net you around 2-inches of lift overall. That's not too shabby considering the cost is low, and you only need new parts for the spacers in the rear. Well, you would need to pony up to pay for some larger tires and rims, if you don't have those already. We think this will give some ideas to the aftermarket companies, and maybe they'll put together a package anyone can use on their Cherokee. A couple of modified knuckles and a few spacers? Maybe. The driver trails his Jeep, so time will tell on how the work holds up. Hopefully there won't be any issues. We suspect a lot of other Jeep owners will be doing some of these mods in the weekends to come, so if there's any problems, I'm sure we will hear of them, and how to fix them. So don't be surprised to see a KL Cherokee hitting the trails right along with you. The bull's out of the barn. Watch your six. Thanks to the good people at Jalopnik for the original post. Much thanks to members who posted the PDF instructions to lift your KL Cherokee.

Fun Fact: The featured image IS the lifted Cherokee!
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