Unless you use a cold air intake system or other known method, getting good fuel mileage out of a Jeep is like wishing for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Good luck with that. Today we'll talk about installing an Airaid air in take system to tweak it a bit, and get a few benefits along the way.

Stepping Up to an Airaid Air Intake System

While fuel mileage is a great benefit, another one is power. Any way you can improve on those two factors is a big plus on a Jeep. But that doesn't mean it has to be an extreme camshaft swap or drilling holes in your body panels to make a Jeep more lightweight. It can be as a simple as adding an Airaid Air Intake System to your Jeep.
Breathing, or fresh air to the engine, has always been a cheap way to make power, which can make the engine more efficient (and thus, better fuel mileage). Colder (cooler) air is more dense, and packs more oxygen. Giving you better combustion and power. You probably noticed how much better your Jeep runs on a cool morning than in the summer? You can FEEL those extra few horses under the hood. How would you like to feel them more often? In the very tight engine compartments of today, it's not easy to upgrade parts with so little room. But Airaid has engineered some new Intake Systems to bring the fresh air in, without doing any extreme modifications. There's no need to hack up your Jeep and destroy it. Airaid kits are literally bolt on. They include everything you need to install one on your Jeep with a minimum of fuss. There is no "one size fits all" mentality here. Airaid makes each kit specifically for the intended vehicle, giving you a tight, flush fit that not only performs, but looks professional when you pop open the hood. Airaid Air Systems typically use an oiled air filter. Meaning, the filter is washable, and rarely, if ever, needs replacing. If you live and work in an area that has a lot of dusty or dry conditions, the oiled filter is the way to go (if there's a choice). Airaid also offers a NON-oiled filter option on some of their kits. The filter is still reusable and can also be washed, and are fine for everyday driving. Whichever filter you choose, they are have greater filtration than a stock filter to not only give you better airflow, but they make sure that air is clean. Airaid kits are generally easy to install, and if there was ever a part that a home mechanic could install to improve their Jeep's performance, this would be it. Simple tools is all it takes, and a few minutes of your time. Not only that, Airaid air intake systems are backed by their No Hassle Lifetime Warranty. How's that for confidence? Some great Airaid Air Systems are available for: Ready to improve your fuel mileage and power? Why wait? Summer's coming and you'll be using your Jeep more than ever. Now is the time to install a new Airaid kit and reap the benefits. For more Jeep project videos and product reviews follow our YouTube Channel. What methods do yo use to enhance your Jeep's performance?

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