Jeep Parts to install Getting new Jeep parts is always a good thing. When you first place an order, you're all excited, and the next thing you know, boxes are showing up at your door step. Wheels, tires, lift kits, Smittybilt XRC bumpers, drive shafts. Any number of items can make their way to you, all for your Jeep. Things are looking pretty darn good right now for your weekend project. Except maybe, now that you think about it: Just how are you going to get all this stuff installed? And did you order the right parts?

Ordering the Right Jeep Parts Before Installation

Jeep parts diagram guide
To get the right part, it's always good to have a cheat sheet about your Jeep. Just some things to write down on a sheet of paper. Jot down the Make, and Model, and Year, and the VIN number. Know your engine size, type transmission, and type of transfer case, as well as what kind of axles you have front and rear. Tire and rim size can help too. Write down what mods you've made. If you installed say, a lift kit, what brand is it? Does your Jeep have a 2 or 4 inch lift? Want to look at some Jeep parts diagrams? Explore these online categories that link to specific items and help you find parts fast. You can also download Jeep parts catalogs as a PDF from the Jeep Knowledge Base if you want to dig further for an elusive part or you're not sure what it's called. There are also dozens of Jeep tech articles and reference topics that can help with some basics ideas before ordering a part (the Jeep Blog gets updated with tech articles now and then too!). Want to know more from your Jeep VIN? The VIN actually contains some pretyy detailed information about your Jeep. The VIN number is given to the vehicle by Jeep, and it's unique. No two VINs are exactly the same. Of course the Jeep staff at Morris 4x4 is very knowledgeable, but a lot of Jeep folks like to work on their own rides. For them, that information is made available at to make things easier.

Getting Jeep Parts Installed

Sometimes, you're just so excited to finally score a Jeep parts deal at Morris 4x4 Center, you just want to slap those parts on and ride off into the sunset. Well, you might want to slow down and take a gander at what your game plan is. Before you break open all the boxes and start firing up the welder and the jigsaw, you might want to get familiar with the job at hand. First, check the directions for a parts list. Make sure everything is there, that nothing is missing. Then check the tool list. Make sure you have the tools on hand, or made arrangements to borrow or rent them if needed. If the directions don't specify, check out the hardware bag and see what size the bolts are, etc. You don't want to get about halfway through and find out you have a bolt that takes a 2 3/4 inch socket. Jeep parts installation PDF example What if you need help during the install? Maybe get more of a walk through? If installation instructions are available in PDF form, they can usually be found on their parts page. For instance, this Bestop soft top (Part Number 56823-35) has an installation PDF. Maybe you want to find out more. A lot of manufacturers have a YouTube channel linked to their site (such as Rough Country). For convenience, these videos are added to our parts pages. Oftentimes these videos can show you exactly how a part is installed, and give you a heads up as to short cuts and easier ways to do the modifications. Again, Jeep repair information is available online. If you would rather work from a book manual, check out your local library. Many of them have auto repair books you can check out, or at least photocopy the repair pages you need.

Jeep Sources for Installation Help

 Brandon's Jeep Repair Shop
Another good source is online forums. There are Jeep forums for every type Jeep, many are specific. Some for just CJ-Series, or just JK Wranglers. Some only talk about Cherokees. Search around on them and you can often find information on installing almost any part. If not, join the community and ask away. Chances are someone has already installed the parts you bought before at some time or another, and they can give you some great tips on making it easier, or saving time and hassle. Maybe you live in an apartment, and can't work on your Jeep at home. That's a case where you might want to take it to a Jeep repair shop. Ask friends where they get work done on their Jeeps. Is there a Jeep club in your area? Touch base with them and see who they recommend. Some of the members might have repair shops of their own. It's always a good idea to find a shop that not only knows 4x4s in general, but Jeeps inside and out. PS: And of course, don't forget your friends and family who own Jeeps. Chances are you'll need their help anyway to hand you tools, lift the real heavy things, and order pizza!