This is the Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV 2) made by Italian Defense Vehicle manufacturer IVECO. The LMV 2 is a revised version of the original, with updates that include better performance, reliability and crew comfort. The redesigned version is based on notes taken from the original's operations in the field.  It was debuted last month at the Eurosatory defense exhibition.

The LMV 2 4x4 Vehicle Details

It's hard top is made with a lightweight aluminum/steel roll bar. It can hold up to five fully equipped soldiers and has a hatch in the roof for a centralized weapons mount. It features a next-gen digital dashboard and increased IED protection. The LMV 2 has a new 220 hp engine, with eight speed automatic transmission. The Automatic Drive Management system enhances drive performance when dealing with off-road and challenging terrain. It can reach speeds of 68mph. While that's its most impressive stat, it can take on 1.5 meters of water (fording) without any special prep beforehand. LMV2-4x4-drawing LMV2-4x4-front
The Light Multirole Vehicle 2 was given an upgraded electronic stability control system (ESP) that increases off road driving maneuvering, driving safety, and driver comfort. It's got a fifth wheel mounted to to its rear, and is adapted to be a functioning mobile radio platform.
With practicality at the helm, it's got a winch mounted up front, a snorkel, and all terrain tires. It can be mounted with machine gun or grenade launcher. The digital dashboard provides on-demand feedback regarding maintenance needs based on data. Its got radios, intercom and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM). I'm no expert, but this thing sounds like quite the capable vehicle. You can check out IVECO's other defense vehicles here. Thanks to for the original post and awesome find. What do you think about the LMV 2? Sound off in the comments!

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