Have you ever seen a Jeep drift car? We've seen plenty of drag racing Jeeps, and your run of the mill rock crawlers. But this is a first. The Jeep in the video is a Mitsubishi Jeep J44. More on that later. If watching this video for the drifting doesn't do it for you, the translations alone will entertain you. As you can see below, the the owner had his Jeep modified to accommodate one seat, much like a go-kart.

Watch this Mitsubishi Jeep Drift

There is a lot more talking going on than driving. And while we don't see a lot of drifting, the driver in the above video certainly does a better job of it than this guy.  Produced under license from Willys Corporation from 1953-1998 the first Mitsubishi Jeeps were based on the CJ-3B body. They came in short, medium, and long wheelbases. The production of the Japanese Jeeps ended in 1998 because the vehicles could not meet emissions requirements. Fastforward to April 2016 and Jeep made history in Japan by being declared Green. Who would have thought we'd make such great strides? Much less make that connection in a drifting article! They were over 30 Mitsubishi Jeep models produced with approximately 200,000 manufactured in 45 years. They even had a turbo diesel engine, namely the J53. What did you think of the video? Tell us in the comments section!

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