Buckle up kids, because it's been around 75 years since the first Jeep made it's debut. And to celebrate this remarkable milestone, Jeep has popped open the champagne and is offering Jeep fans the chance to get a 75th anniversary Jeep of their own! And just so there's no doubt of it's heritage, the new Jeeps will be available in three colors; Sarge Green, Recon Green or Jungle Green (depending on what Jeep model you choose).

75th Anniversary Jeep Special Editions for 2016

But it's not just the body color that's special about these new recruits.. Other unique features will separate these Jeep models from their off the line cousins. The Jeep JK Wranglers will feature 17-inch bronze wheels, a low gloss bronze bumper, headlamp rings, and even low gloss grille throats. For the interior it sports a 75th Anniversary grab handle and some unique off-road rock rails for the outside. Of course, in keeping with the theme, it gets a set of Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires. Usually it's just the Wranglers that get all the love, but this time, jeep is spreading it around to the rest of the Jeep line. Fancy a Grand Cherokee? For the 75th Anniversary Edition, you get some low-gloss bronze accents, unique anniversary logos, and some serious tangerine orange accent stitching inside on the interior. Jeep Turns 75 By the way, the nose / facia up front will be slightly different, and you'll be riding on 18 or 20 inch wheels. Moving down the Jeep line one notch, the Cherokee has nearly identical features as the Grand Cherokee, but rides on 18-inch rims exclusively. And just to keep you family all Jeep, and able to get a 75th anniversary Edition of their own, the Renegade will be getting the bronze and low gloss treatment as well. Also grille surrounds, roof rack, even tail light accents , and of course, special badges. But the Jeep Patriot and Compass, which are usually left out in the cold, get to participate. Both will get the 75th Anniversary treatment with low gloss accents, power sunroof, and a few other great features. These new Jeeps are expected to start hitting the dealers around March. That's just enough time for you to decide which model, and which color you want to pick your Jeep up in. Hmmm. Sarge Green, Recon Green or Jungle Green. That's a tricky one..... .