Jeep Ad Makes Fun of 2WD Vehicles . Don't Alter Your Nature

Jeep Ad Don't Alter Your Nature
Jeep ads have been, well, creative, colorful, and funny over the years. Harking all the way back to around the 1970's. Recently, Jeep ran some unusual ads in Bogota, Columbia. Basically, they want to send a humorous take on 2WD (rather, FWD) cars. Most cheap throwaway cars made today are FWD (because they are cheaper to make and assemble at factories), so they are plentiful enough to poke fun at. But Jeep wants you to get back to your 4x4 roots. They use altered pictures of a horse and a lion to get their point across in these ads. The tagline is: Don't alter your nature. Be 4x4." It appears from these intentionally funny images, that, yes, maybe four legs are better than two. And if there's anyone who knows 4WD better than anyone else, it's Jeep. Jeep Don't Alter Your Nature 2