Jeep Airbag Recall

A new FCA Jeep airbag recall was announced yesterday. The FCA just can’t seem to catch a break. The newest recall involves 224,000 Jeeps (JK Wranglers to be precise) for potentially faulty airbags. This recall is more of a preventive measure, as NO injuries are reported at this time. The issue is that the airbags may not inflate when there’s an impact. The FCA found that some of the wirings on the vehicles may come loose during an accident situation, and that could prevent the airbag from inflating correctly. This issue can also affect the seat belts, specifically the tensioner parts, that tighten the seat belts in a crash. The recall affects 2016-2017 models, and the FCA will soon be contacting owners to let them know they can arrange for an inspection/repair at a local Jeep dealership. Though the 2017 models have not reached consumers hands yet, so it is likely only 2016 Jeep owners will be contacted. We suspect the FCA will inspect their 2017 models and repair if needed. This recall is something that was discovered during an FCA Jeep crash testing. So as mentioned at the beginning, it is a precautionary recall for the most part. It is another way that Jeep stays vigilant to perfect their vehicles, and crash testing is a big part of protecting their Customers.

Jeep and Dodge Truck Alternator Recall

While we are mentioning the airbag recall, there is another one that affects Jeep Wranglers from several countries, such as the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, and 134 other nations outside NAFTA. This same recall covers some Dodge Truck models as well, such as their heavier models, the Ram 2500, 3500,4500 and 5500 trucks. The issue is a diode can wear out prematurely inside the alternators, and this causes load cycling, higher amperage loads, and hotter ambient temperatures. In the end, the alternators might short out, which can cause the vehicle to stall. If temperatures are high enough, the heat may cause a fire. There are no fatalities or injuries attached to the issue so far. Most of these vehicles affected are fleet models. As usual, the FCA will contact owners to arrange appointments with local dealerships if needed. Typically repairing a recall (if it is required) is free of charge.