jeep_red_rock_1 Jeep always has some iconic and special editions models for Jeep owners to drool over. In the upcoming year, 2016, they plan to jump into the waters early with a Limited Edition Red Rock Jeep Wrangler, based on their concept Jeep from this year's SEMA show. The Red Rock 4-Wheelers Club, which hosts an annual event, the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, is where the new Jeep gets its moniker from. The Rubicon Hard Rock based Wrangler was a popular site at SEMA this year, and the LE version coming out will be, more or less, based on that concept.

Note that only 50 Red Rock Jeep Wranglers will be built.

jeep_red_rock_2 So if you really want one, now might be a good time to start sweet talking someone at your nearby Jeep dealership. Not every dealership will get one. While the production Jeep won't be exactly like the concept, it will still be far from a stock, everyday Wrangler. Jeep plans to include some Amaretto Brown Katzkin leather seats with silver accented stitching, along with serialized Red Rock grab handles. Some of the stand out visual changes will include a grille painted the body color, a Red Rock hood decal, a Rock-Trac transfer case, and a power-dome vented hood. No one will mistake this Jeep for a stocker at the mall. Fiat-Chrysler notes that some of the parts should be available through MOPAR Parts, so even if you miss a chance to get one of the 50 made, you can still modify your own Jeep with the Red Rock accessories you like best. Jeep hasn't announced any pricing, nor have them pinned down a specific release date, other than it will be 2016. But it's sure to be a hit, and it's certainly ready to take on the trails. What would you do with your new Red Rock Jeep?     PS. Don't have the cash for a new Red Rock Wrangler? Sign up for a chance to win our Bad to the Bone JK Wrangler giveaway!