April is the month for Jeepers in South Florida. If you dig the beach scene, this is the place to be. And nothing says it better than Jeep Beach Weekend in Daytona ! Yes, you can really drive on the beach in Daytona! For us locals, it's not a big deal, but for Jeep fans all across the state, and the country, it's THE place to get some salt air, free sun, and hook up with some Jeep family from all over.

Jeep Beach 2016 Looking to Make Guinness World Record

One thing to look forward is to get you and your Jeep possibly in the Guinness Book of World Records. This year, the sponsors of the event, Mid-Florida Jeep Club, are looking to try and set a new record for the longest Jeep Parade Event. That means, they're looking for YOU! Of course, the event has all the fun and adventure as in past Jeep Beach events. Vendors to get some accessories for your Jeep, Raffle prizes, music bands, and dozens of sites to see and places to enjoy. In the past, the yearly event took place on the beach for the most part, but as more and more Jeeps have shown up from all over the country, literally thousands of Jeeps, they've had to relocate the venue to the Daytona International Speedway. As with most events of this kind, it's a volunteer crew from the Jeep Club and many others that keeps the event rolling. Money raised from the event is given to various charities and organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club, the Special Olympics, and others. Hey, we're all one big Jeep Family, and everyone benefits from an event like Jeep Beach. It's coming up on April 20 to the 24th. So get your Jeep ready, pack up the gear, your surf board, and your beach buds, because it's gonna be a rocking weekend! Who'll be part of record-breaking history?

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