Thieves used a Cherokee as a battering ram recently in Paris to steal a bunch of designer Chanel merchandise. Much like "the Force" in Star Wars, Jeeps can be used for good or evil. In this case, some nefarious criminals drove that poor Cherokee into a security gate to disfigure it. They were able to crawl under the crumpled barricade and gain access to the store.

Cherokee Set Aflame, Bandits Get Away on Scooters

The gang of 4 thieves stole several thousands of euros/dollars worth of the expensive and popular handbags. The Cherokee was then set on fire as the wily criminals mounted scooters a made off like the bandits they are. The store is located in a high-profile area of Paris where many other high-end retailers have set up shop. This is just one of many recent crimes which have targeted the luxury stores in the French capital. Could all of these crimes be related somehow? We can't be sure. But we are absolutely certain that's not how you treat a Jeep!

If that isn't a wild caper then I don't know what is. Usually, the most you'll hear about Jeeps in crime stories are when they've been stolen. They're usually the goal of the whole thing. I guess the thieves would rather have matching handbags to go with their pinstripe shirts! Thanks to the people at Reuters for the original story. What's the wildest Jeep caper you've ever heard? Tell us in the comments!

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