Currently working on your Jeep Cherokee XJ transmission? Consider this post a cheat sheet to help you identify which one you have. It can help you determine the parts you need for your Cherokee XJ transmission project, as well as help with oil change information and regular maintenance. The XJ Cherokees were built between 1984 to 2001. They were available with an automatic or manual transmission, depending on the year, or the engine.

Jeep Cherokee XJ Transmission - Manual Versions

There are several manual transmissions used in the Cherokee XJs. If you click on the links below you'll see an exploded view of the transmissions, and those diagrams will help you identify the one you have. Especially if you're seeking parts. Let's look at the possibilities: =New Venture Gear NV3550 - Used if you have a 4.0L I6 engine, but only after the year 2000 (View Here). Aisin AX4 or AX5 - The AX4 is a 4 speed, sometimes used if you had a 2.5L I4 engine. The AX5 was more popular and was used with several engines, such as the 2.5L I4, 2.1L I4 diesel, or a 2.8L V6 (View Here). Aisin AX15 - Used only after 1988. This transmission was used with the 4.0L I6 engine (View Here). Peugeot BA 10/5 - Used by AMC, it was used between 1987 to around 1989 in various Jeeps. It was widely used with the AMC 258 I6 engine (View Here).

Cherokee XJ Transmission - Automatic Versions

There were three automatic transmissions used in a Jeep Cherokee XJ. They are versions of the same basic transmission (the original 904), but there are differences. Chrysler 904 TorqueFlite - (3-speed) A popular transmission with most Chrysler vehicles, from a slant six to V8s. AMC used the Chrysler 727 TorqueFlites for years in their cars, so using a 904 in a Jeep made sense for them. 30RH - (3-speed) - Essentially, a later, updated version of the Chrysler 904. Aisin AW4 - (4-speed) - The AW stands for Aisin-Warner, because at one time, they built transmission as a joint venture with Borg-Warner (pre-1987). This transmission is very similar to the Chrysler A340H, and was used in Cherokees from 1987 to 2001. While we don't carry all the various inside parts, we do carry the filters and maintenance items for Jeep automatic transmissions. There are other ways to tell what transmission you have. Your VIN is able to tell you too, but these are the basics above. Note that even though some of these are used in other kinds of vehicles, that doesn't mean those transmissions will bolt up to a Jeep without mods.

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