The countless Jeep Clubs around the country typically serve as social groups for Jeep owners and enthusiasts to get together, off-road, pick each other's brains, and compare mods, customizations, or tips. However, members of these Jeep clubs often naturally have vehicles suited to stand harsh terrain and weather conditions. Lately, northern parts of the U.S. and Canada have been experiencing some serious snow blizzards. Luckily, when storms keep driver's from traveling to their destinations safely, Jeep folks save the day by helping stranded motorists and emergency service people get to where they need to be.

Jeep Club Transports Medical and Emergency Personnel in Snow Conditions

One recent occurrence of Jeep clubs offering a helping hand happened in Omaha, Nebraska. Just Jeeps of Omaha has devised plans to help medical personnel, such as Doctors, EMTs and nurses get to work in a well-equipped Jeep, even when the weather, particularly piles of snow, keeps them from driving safely in their own vehicles. Looks like all those aftermarket customizations are paying off! After all, The club's Vice President Steve King says his Jeep can take on a foot of snow without a problem. If you'd like to make your Jeep snow ready, read our post on it. To get things prepared ahead of time, the club has administrated an online form for local workers to sign up in the event that the service is needed.

While being snowed in is nothing new, Jeep Clubs have been helping people for decades, especially around winter time when they're needed the most. It's good to see that this club is planning ahead and is offering a helping hand to local first responder professionals.To visit Just Jeeps of Omaha, click here. Be ready for anything, that's the Jeep way. Has your Jeep Club ever offered any helpful services like this? We'd love to share your story.