Drug addiction is nothing new. Most of us probably don’t come in contact with it until someone in the family or a close friend fall victim to its grip. Recently a young 21-year-old died of an overdose in Belleville.

Jeep Club Raises Awareness for Drug Addiction

The 618 Jeep Club had a benefit ride in memory of Dillon Sugg, who is survived by his mother Anna and father Stanley Sugg. The run began at Pisas Bird and ran along the Mississippi River in Alton. It just so happens the family was also a member of the Jeep Club, and Dillon’s death was a blow to the entire group. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, heroin drug abuse is on the rise nationally. It is one of the most critical drug issues of our time. It has invaded all walks of life, from the cities to the suburban areas, even rural areas. Especially to young adults 18 to 25 years of age. Around one million people used heroin in the U.S. in 2012, but the numbers are fast growing. Heroin is the leading cause of drug abuse deaths in the U.S.: 51 %. The 618 Jeep Club wanted to raise awareness to the problem though the benefit ride. To many people the signs of heroin use can be overlooked accidently or just ignored. However, it is a deadly drug. The 618 Jeep Club hope to bring awareness of the dangerous drug and hopes it will save lives. Among the members, and nonmembers who joined the benefit drive, are those who have experienced a death in their lives due to the addictive drug. The benefit helped raise over $400, which is being donated to www.stopheroin.org. The donations have been matched by 618 Jeep member Paul Barton, who owns Custom Remodel in Caseyville. However, the run has also helped bring more awareness of a growing problem among young adults and the community. We never want to lose any Jeepers out there. Hug your loved ones when you can, and enjoy the times you have together outside, whether it is on a lake or that favorite fishing stop. Communicate with your kids. Get them involved with your Jeep. Let's all have a chance to live a long and fruitful Jeep Life.