This isn't the first time we've heard about a Jeep club helping out a good cause. The Tampa Jeep Krewe is currently training to assist cops and other first responders when standard vehicles can't handle the rugged terrain.

Tampa Jeep Krewe - Certified Rescue Team

The Tampa Jeep Krewe is a Jeep club made up of 44 members. One thing that sets this club apart is that they are a certified rescue club. Using their Jeeps, they can get through rough terrain when squad cars can't. Many of the club's members have military or medical experience. Some situations when the club is deployed include:
  • locating missing hikers
  • locating lost campers
  • locating missing children
  • locating injured individuals
It's a natural co-op, as you don't often see police cars or firetrucks in the woods on uneven terrain. You can check out the Tampa Jeep Krewe and follow their Instagram channel to  see what other projects they've got going on. Aside from their affinity to serve the people in their community, the Tampa Jeep Krewe is like any other Jeep club. Everyone is welcome to wheel their Jeep and socialize with them. According to their website, they're "dedicated to supporting veterans, public service personnel and children through multiple charities and events." They're very active in the Tampa area and by the looks of it, they have a great time doing what they do. How does you Jeep club stand out? Tell us in Facebook Comments area!

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