To show off its prowess Jeep tackled Lion's Back in Moab. This year is Jeep's 75th anniversary, as well as Moab's 50th Easter Jeep anniversary. And really, we don't need an excuse to revel in the power of Jeep. So without further ado, check out these Jeeps crawling all over the Lion's Back!

Lion's Back is an Off-Road Dream

The treacherous path has been closed off since 2004. But 3 Jeeps were given exclusive access to take the obstacle head-on. The skilled Jeep drivers had to take on a 65 degree incline, reaching 350ft. high at its peak. They then had to turn 180 degrees on a narrow, rugged path. The path is so narrow Wikipedia relays that it's a 5-9 point turn. That's got to be nerve-wracking for some. Then they had to head back down that steep dive. It looks like the Grand Cherokee, and two Wranglers (one 2-door and one unlimited) broke the Lion's Back with ease! No small feat, as the sandstone ridge is famously known to have taken out a Chevy Blazer. We're glad everyone handled it well. Hope you enjoyed the footage!

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