Jeeps can go just about anywhere. No doubt about that. Except sometimes they end up in a place that they should not. Swimming pools, highway barricades, or on top of police cars. Yeah, we are going to go out on a limb here and say there are a few places you might not want to take your Jeep.

Jeep Crashes Through 2nd-Story Garage

In Minneapolis, one Jeep driver drove his Cherokee / Grand Cherokee through a second story garage. Not through the front entrance, like me or you would do. Nope, he drove his Jeep right through the back end of it and out through the wall. This stunt put his Jeep in an awkward position, of being nose down on the outside of a garage. We are sure that was a sight to be seen driving by there. What will the neighbors think? The police reported the driver said that he was “unfamiliar with the vehicle” and accidently pressed the gas pedal instead of the brake pedal. That seems unusual since the far right pedal is almost always the gas and the pedal next to it usually the brake. We are not sure how you get those two mixed up? Anway, it looks like the rescue team showed up and, probably with a tow truck’s help of some kind, were able to lift the Jeep back into the upper garage position inside. Before doing this, police reported that the driver was able to climb out of the Jeep in just a few minutes. Hey, just a tip, but always get used to a new vehicle, or one you are not familiar with. Especially with a manual transmission, where it might be in neutral accidently (or left in gear). However, more so, get to know where all the controls are (wipers, lights, etc).  Take those few minutes to get familiar with your surroundings in the vehicle. I wonder if insurance covers driving through a garage? It also looks like the airbags inflated. That must have been fun.