"Camp Jeep" Test Track Wows at 2016 Chicago Auto Show

The 2016 Chicago Auto Show boasted some impressive new cars, but we couldn't help but notice the new Jeeps, along with their obstacle course at the aptly named "Camp Jeep." The best way to show what a Jeep can really do is to put it in some real world conditions. Jeep usually brings the goods to make a fun test track for potential Jeep customers to try. This year, the 2016 Chicago Auto Show boasted an expanded Jeep track to include real rocks and real trees. The "Big Jeep Mountain" alone is 18 feet high. To get to the top, you drive up a 35 degree incline. Piece of cake for a Jeep, right? Another feature is an obstacle course that can get you on 3 wheels in a hurry, called "The Break." All of these are fun, but Jeep still considers safety a top priority, and all precautions are made to keep it real, but safe. Rocks, boulders, "stairs", you can conquer them all on the impressive test track.
Driving at Camp Jeep is free at the event, and it really shows how off-roading can be fun, which is something Jeep is known for, and something that's hard to get from other vehicles that don't quite have the capabilities of a Jeep. Everyone has liked to drive over things ever since we were kids. With a Jeep (and some help from a Jeep Camp), you can cross that one off your bucket list. The Wrangler tested came with just over 10 inches of undercarriage clearance and was able to complete the course stock from the factory, keeping the new Jeeps as dependable and sought after as the tried and true trail runners out there today. What's the highest incline you've scaled in your Jeep? Tell us about it in the comments section.