Jeep Driver Keeps Getting Stuck in the Mud

Don' think tires are important when trailing? Mild all terrain tires, or even worse, stock tires, probably won't get you where you want to go. Of course other things come in to play, from axle gearing, to transmission gearing. Oh, and technique and experience go a long way for better trailing. But setting up your vehicle to trail properly is a must if you're going off road.
Here we see a Jeep Cherokee (which looks bone stock from the outside) have trouble with wet and slippery conditions. Granted, the Toyota Land Cruiser (not sure what year?) tends to do better, but they seem to have the off road technique and height clearance needed to get the job done. While the Cherokee just blasts into every situation and hopes for the best. While a Cherokee (especially an XJ) can be built into a serious 4x4 beast, a stock one will be much like any other show room 4x4, and have limited ability. Which means .. time to upgrade your Jeep! We tend to look at one vehicle vs. another as all in fun, because there are too many variables in how a 4x4 is built and setup. They will all trail differently. Let's face it, when you get a bunch of 4x4 folks together for a weekend, anything can happen, and it usually will.  They might be hard on your Jeep and maybe your pride... But those weekends sure make for some fun video during the week!

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