Jeep_Renegade Hey, speaking of Jeep sales, our friends across the big pond in Europe can't get enough Jeeps. Why would we say that? Jeep sales are up 150 percent over last year! The Yanks are coming!

Jeep sales in Europe better than last year and growing

The hot seller was the Jeep Renegade. Not surprising, since many of the roads over there are smaller than here in the U.S. and cars run typically more compact in that market. Plus, hey, Jeep is owned by FIAT, so it's pretty much on their home territory. (in Europe, they get the Renegade 500X version! Woo hoo !) The FCA should continue to grow the Jeep brand overseas. Even with some recall problems over the 2014 year, they're still plugging away, and people still want the worldwide brand. This should work in their favor, and keep the balance sheet in the black going forward. Also, new Jeep models will be introduced in 2016. It's a bold move, but needed to stay ahead and continue to lead in sales and cover the off road market globally. So expect even more sales to our European comrades. Considering they help spread the Jeep legend during WW!!, it's almost a home coming of sorts. Once again, maybe Jeep can save the day.