Chances are this isn't your first time seeing a Jeep get stuck attempting to drive over some object or other. If you've been to Moab you know one of the fun things to watch are Jeeps climbing a vertical rock wall. But this brave driver tried to get a Wrangler up and over a retaining wall, as reported by WOWT in Omaha.

Jeep Wrangler Gets Stuck On Retainer Wall

This driver gets stuck without making it, and all he gets for his troubles is a tow bill, a ticket, a trip downtown with the police, and a busted Jeep! There may have been some other influences at play here, and that's not a good combination. Watch the video and see what you think.

Doesn't that drop look pretty high from the wall? Even if the driver made it over, it looks like it would have been quite a long way to fall. It's unlikely he would have ended up on all four wheels! Jeep enthusiasts are well known for finding and pushing the limits of their vehicles, which can either lead to making one of the greatest stories for years to come, or getting stuck on a wall, or in a lake. Point is, be careful and safe when testing the limits of your Jeep! By the way, did you know that quite a few Jeep models are on Uber's list of approved vehicles? Don't wreck your vehicle like this guy. Get an Uber Jeep ride to take you home instead.