2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Made in India

Made in India
Chrysler-Jeep will be investing $280 million in India to begin producing the Jeep Grand Cherokee there in a joint venture with Tatra Motors. With a population of more than 1.25 Billion people in India, it's a large market place. By 2018, Jeep is looking to double it's 1 million Jeep sales figure it had in 2014. Their overall global sales, from India, along with China and the U.S., will help them accomplish this goal. Fiat-Chrysler already sells their Alfa Romeo brand in India. The Jeep inclusion is part of a $54 billion expansion plan that has come about with the merging of  Fiat with Chrysler. Sport utility vehicles (SUVS) have become one of the world's fastest growing markets for drivers and owners. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the leaders in the SUV market, and should be popular in India, where SUVs are very common. Around 2.6 million vehicles are sold in India each year. The first Jeeps should be coming off the Jeep  / Tata Maharashtra assembly lines around 2017. This will expand the Jeep brand even more worldwide. And it will compliment their sales that will be coming from existing manufacturing plants  in countries such as Italy, Brazil, and the U.S.A.