When it rains, it pours. It seems like Jeep just can't catch a break lately, and there's no umbrella in site. With recalls happening again and again, certain computer electronics being hacked, and the toss up in Ohio on whether the factory and the Jeep Wrangler JK stays or goes... all they need now is some more gasoline on the fire and a couple of sticks with marshmallows. It appears the NHTSA has opened a preliminary investigation on Jeep, after getting complaints and concerns (around 14 at last count as reported by some) about Jeep Grand Cherokees "rolling away" after being put in park. So far the years in question are 2014-2015. Which includes an estimated 408,000 vehicles. The issue is when the  shifter (not a conventional shifter most of us are familiar with), is put in the "parked" position. Several of the reports so far mention the cars still had the engine running, and the drivers exited the vehicle, at which time the vehicles reported to roll away on their own. While there is no full fledged investigation as of yet from the NHTSA, if you own a 2014-2015 Grand Cherokee, you may want to be sure you clearly have the vehicle in park before leaving your vehicle. Check it twice maybe. These could be accidents (who hasn't been driving for many years, and never quite got the shifter in park? Everybody has done that at least once in their life) that are just that: accidental. Or maybe there is a real issue. Chrysler / Jeep of course is cooperating fully, and let's hope this issue comes to light either way. Might as well go ahead and use your parking / emergency brake as well. (In some countries, if your vehicle rolls into another because you didn't use the parking brake, the insurance company doesn't even have to pay). Be safe out there.