Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat Testing Footage Revealed

Could this be the secret Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat? We reported earlier this month that the 700-horsepower Grand Cherokee Hellcat would be coming to market in 2017. Now it looks like one intuitive wild animal photographer has captured such a beast testing on the track.....Sure, it's only a glimpse, and what sounds like some smoking tires and a sudden halt. Just the sort of thing to get your blood thumping to catch this cat on the prowl. The FCA / Jeep have already announced from Mike Manley that a Hellcat Jeep is in the making, and may be available as soon as 2018. Jeep sales are up overall, and the SRT Grand Cherokee (which has around 475 hp to the Hellcat's 700) is a popular choice for those who want to get somewhere in a hurry but still hang onto some 4wd trailing. What do you think? Let the testing begin. Or, Jeep can drop it by here, we'd be glad to test it out!