Hey, you can never have enough horsepower, not even in a Jeep. And as we all know, with the Jeep brand being part of the Chrysler family, you get some access to some pretty cool stuff that's, well, pretty cool. Chances are, you've already heard of the Hellcat Dodges. While those are cars, and not a Jeep per se', the meat and potatoes of the situation is the 700+ V8 engine that lurks beneath the hood. That's right: 700+ supercharged horsepower. Stock. As in, fresh off the assembly line.

Feast Your Eyes on the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

So you can imagine, and we can hear those Jeep wheels a turning in the minds of their engineers, that if it's good enough for a Dodge, it's gotta be even better in a Jeep! Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Trackhawk-Front-and-side Rumors? Ha! Feast your eyes on this bad boy Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk! 0 to 60 in/around 4 seconds! But before you grab your phone and start transferring the funds, we have to warn you this beast won't be out util 2017. So you've got plenty of time to save up the Benjamins or sell a kidney to put one of these in your driveway. Now, we know it's just a souped up version of the Grand Cherokee. That's ok. It's still AWD so you can sneak off road and onto some mild trails now and then. Better yet, it has the room to get the whole family to the campsite or on the beach, and you can load up the gear to your heart's content. Plus it looks like you might get a few cosmetic accents to boot, such as a different front fascia (from say, the SRT and stock models), maybe a chin spoiler and new grille insert, and some new intakes to fuel the breathing requirements of the supercharger. LEDs seem to be a new accent as well. Jeep-Grand-Cherokee-Trackhawk-Opposite-front-side So it's the best of two worlds. If you're a gear head, and you like some power during the daily drive, the Trackhawk has you covered and then some. But if you're a gear head that likes to get off the grid now and then, you can do that too. Whether it's smokin' tires that get your adrenaline up, or smokin' good looks, the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is the beast you want to drive. All you have to do is pick out your favorite color. Thanks to the people at autoguide.com for the original post. What do you think of the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk? Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: